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“Four eVTOL companies valued at more than USD1 billion” – Drone Industry Insights

By Philip Butterworth-Hayes

Drone Industry Insights has published a new table outlining the performance of eVTOL and drone industry stocks.

“There are now six passenger drone companies listed in three different stock markets [though Astro Aerospace (OTC: ASDN) is not included in our infographic,” reports the company. “Most of these are located in the USA (3/6), while two are in Europe and one is in Asia/China. And just about all of them have a market cap of over US$700M. At the time of writing, four of these companies have a market cap of over one billion, but we can expect a lot of changes to this until their products enter the market, ideally around the year 2024.”

In terms of hardware/software commercial drone stocks shares price (AeroVironment and ACSL) are also the ones whose price has varied the most over the past 52 weeks. “AeroVironment recently made headlines about their drones being used to support Ukraine, and the high price for their commercial drone stock likely stems from it also being a military drone stock. Meanwhile ACSL, with the second-highest market cap among drone manufacturers, recently launched an LTE-compatible drone.”

In conclusion: “Looking at the market capitalization (which many investors care about, though it differs from company evaluation), we find five companies with a value over USD1 billion: AeroVironment, Joby, Vertical Aerospace, Archer Aviation and Lilium. Moreover, there are an additional seven companies with a market cap of over USD100M: Ehang, ACSL, Parrot, AgEagle, Drone Delivery Canada, ONDAS and Red Cat. Although all of these companies still rank under small-cap by general investment standards, this is nevertheless a substantial amount of capital for a niche and booming industry.”

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