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Fly around Manhattan in a JetX eVTOL – on a Metapilot gaming platform

Neurobotx and JetX have partnered to allow gamers to experience the JetX aircraft on the Metapilot gaming platform. “Metapilot is a desktop and VR game that simulates different airtaxi models in a digital twin of Manhattan,” according to a company Linkedin post. “The company’s expertise in machine learning and robotics will be leveraged to create a highly realistic air taxi simulation that incorporates real-world factors such as weather, traffic, and passenger behavior, and works closely with governments and regulators to generate synthetic data needed to expedite the mass adoption of eVTOLs.”

The collaboration aims to create a simulated ai rtaxi service that will allow users to experience the future of transportation firsthand.

“The simulation will allow users to experience the entire air taxi process, in a relaxed retrowave soundscape flying across a digital twin of New York,” says the post. “Users will be able to interact with the simulation in a highly immersive environment that accurately replicates the real-world air taxi experience.”

The CEO of neurobotx, Dr. Diana Deca say: ‘We are very excited to have JetX onboard! JetX is the first electric jet on our platform, meaning our metapilots will be able to fly a thruster-powered (as opposed to the traditional rotorcraft) airtaxi. The mechanics, acoustics and overall experience will be a great addition to our collection and it’s probably the closest thing to flying an actual rocket.’

“We are excited to partner with neurobotx to create a digital twin of JetX,” comment Bryan and Nelson Salas, JETX founders. “Their expertise in simulation, synthetic data generation, government and corporate partnerships and machine learning combined with JetX’s industry experience, will enable us to create a highly realistic air taxi simulation that accurately reflects the challenges of air taxi transportation. We believe that this simulation will be a game-changer in the industry and will help pave the way for a new era of transportation. The simulation technology developed by Neurobotx will be an important tool in achieving that goal, enabling users to experience the benefits of air taxi transportation firsthand”.


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