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FlyNow finalises design of production version of its personal eVTOL

FlyNow has announced it has finalised the design of its personal eVTOL, the model that will go into production. According to Mikhail Klimov, Head of Design FlyNow Aviation, in a LInkedin post:

“Fly Now Aviation presents a first glimpse into the production design of its aircraft model range. The modular eCopter family is designed the way it works and expresses its functional aesthetics by honesty and thoughtfulness. The appearance is strong and robust, yet gives a light and stable feeling in the air, which is underlined by its unique lift-generating canards with integrated position lights that make the eCopter recognizable between dusk till dawn.

“Styling is absent – every shape, every detail is tailored to its function emphasizing its technical and aerodynamic aspects. The Interior design follows the philosophy of flow. Passengers can cocoon in a cozy space and experience an effortless flight in comfort and wellbeing and at the same time be in a state of total immersion of the world around them.”

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