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Paris 2023: Jaunt Air Mobility Canada partners with Global Partner Solutions to create a sustainable supply chain for its next generation eVTOL aircraft

Jaunt Air Mobility Canada, an aerospace company focused on the design and manufacture of next-generation eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) and VTOL hybrid electric aircraft, has today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Partner Solutions (GPSI), a provider of sustainable procurement, supply chain and program management services.

As part of this strategic partnership, GPSI says it will work closely with Jaunt Air Mobility to establish a world-class supply chain ecosystem, with a focus on engaging Quebec-based suppliers. GPSI’s expertise in supply chain management the company says, will greatly contribute to Jaunt Air Mobility’s goal of designing, building, flight-testing, certifying, and manufacturing its state-of-the-art aircraft, the Jaunt Journey, which facilitate faster travel over urban areas, benefiting both individuals and parcel delivery.

GPSI’s commitment to Jaunt Air Mobility the company says goes beyond its service offering: “Over the next three years, the parties expect that, as part of strengthening the partnership, over CD 10 million will be invested and spent in establishing, enhancing, and utilising the supply chain ecosystem to support Jaunt Air Mobility’s growth, and in that process up to 35 jobs will be created. This investment will not only provide vital operational support for Jaunt Air Mobility, it will also make a significant contribution to the Quebec economy.”

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(Image: Jaunt Air Mobility)

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