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Joby receives FAA approval for Propulsion Certification Plan

Joby Aviation today announced the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) has accepted its certification plan for Joby’s propulsion system, marking a critical step towards receiving type certification for the Company’s aircraft.

“The propulsion system, designed by Joby, is central to the sector-leading performance of the Joby aircraft” according to the press release. “The accepted certification plan includes Joby’s electric propulsion unit, propeller system, variable pitch actuation, coolant pump, nacelles, and associated electrical wiring, clearly defining the route to certifying these systems for use in commercial passenger operations.

“The FAA type certification process is a rigorous review of the design, manufacturing, and performance of a novel aircraft type, requiring the applicant company to demonstrate that every aspect of its aircraft meets applicable safety regulations.

“With all but one certification plan accepted and the final document currently under FAA review, Joby is nearing completion of the third of five phases of the type certification process and has shifted its focus to the fourth stage, comprising detailed testing and analysis across the aircraft’s components and systems.

“In 2023, Joby completed 30 for-credit tests with the FAA, covering a number of flight electronics units as well as structural materials. The testing methods and processes validated through these tests lay the foundation for the Company’s continued expansion of FAA for-credit testing.”

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