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Kobe City and Hyogo Prefecture fund AirX consortium plans for eVTOL flight trials

Japan’s AirX reports that Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe city will provide financial support to AirX, Mizushima Aero & Space Industry Cluster Study Group (MASC) and CTI Engineering for the consortium’s plans to develop eVTOL services.

According to AirX: “This project utilizes actual flying cars to conduct technical verification (safety operations, airfield planning, design, and operation, environmental impact assessment) necessary for social implementation, as well as verification of serviceability related to tourism. Based on these results, we aim to commercialize the project in Hyogo Prefecture and the Osaka Bay area.”

“This project will be carried out in accordance with the following objectives.

  • Verification of safe navigation of flying cars
  • Promising route setting and demonstration flight with an eye on tourism
  • Verification of the design and operation of airfields for flying cars
  • Verification of noise from flying cars

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