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Lilium and Michelin announce technological partnership to develop Lilium Jet tires

Michelin and Lilium in a statement have announced the companies have signed an agreement covering the design and serial production of tires for the Lilium all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet .

“Lilium and Michelin began working together more than a year ago to develop and produce custom tires for the Lilium Jet and have now signed a final agreement covering design, serial production, and support” according to a press release. “The partnership leverages Michelin’s 100 plus years of experience working with the aeronautical industry to deliver an innovative tire solution that meets the safety weight, and reliability requirements for the revolutionary Lilium Jet. The first tires are expected to be delivered to Lilium facilities this month.

“As proper weight and high performance are essential for eVTOLs, it is fundamental that Lilium maximizes weight efficiency across every element of the jet. The Michelin-produced tires offer best-in-class weight efficiency, aligning with Lilium’s payload objectives. The tires are specially designed to facilitate safe vertical take-off and landing operations, delivering exceptional performance while adhering to stringent weight limits.”

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(Image: Lilium)

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