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Lilium announces start of production of the Lilium Jet

Lilium has announced the start of production of the Lilium Jet, following the arrival of the first Lilium Jet fuselage at Lilium’s final assembly line.  In parallel, Lilium’s w tier one suppliers – most of which have decades of experience in supporting the certification requirements of commercial aviation – are ramping up production of parts and systems for the Lilium Jet.

“With the start of production, Lilium has hit a watershed moment, shifting from the design phase to industrialization of the Lilium Jet,” according to a company announcement. “Today’s milestone is an important turning point for Lilium’s industrial partners and supply chains working to make sustainable regional aviation a reality. In the next step, the fuselage will be matched-up with the aircraft’s canards and main wings.”  Production of the Lilium Jet takes place facilities in Wessling, Germany. Lilium’s testing and manufacturing center, propulsion & aerostructures facility, final assembly building, and the newly constructed battery assembly building and logistics hub, where aircraft parts are readied for integration on the final assembly line, are all located alongside one another. In total, Lilium’s facilities cover an area of 175,000 square-feet (16,250 sqm).

Klaus Roewe, CEO of Lilium said: “To see the first aircraft fuselage on the final assembly line ready to join up with the canard and wings is a proud moment for everyone involved in our mission  to make aviation sustainable. We firmly believe the Lilium Jet will usher in a new era of sustainable regional mobility, offering the highest safety standards, as well as superior comfort, unit economics and customer experience.”

The start of assembly follows Lilium’s Design Organization Approval by EASA.

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