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Lilium launches into UK with deal for up to 20 “Pioneer Editions” with eVolare private jet operator

Lilium N.V. has today announced a contract with eVolare, a subsidiary of Volare Aviation, one of the United Kingdom’s largest helicopter and private jet operators for a firm commitment for ten Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets, with an option to reserve an additional ten Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets.  eVolare will be Lilium’s lead partner and launch operator in the UK for sales of the Lilium Jet to private individuals.

According to Lilium, eVolare will provide a base for Lilium’s aircraft at Oxford, running a maintenance service centre and investing in landing infrastructure for Lilium’s UK network.

“The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet was formally launched the same day and comes with a compelling service, support, and training package, as well as customisable options for the cabin configuration and exclusive fabrics and materials,” according to the company.  “The agreement between Lilium and eVolare will provide an opportunity for customers that regularly travel between locations within the UK to be part of an exclusive group of early adopters that can experience the future of sustainable regional air mobility.”

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