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Lilium selects Blueshift for eVTOL thermal protection

Lilium has selected Blueshift to be the official supplier of thermal protection systems (TPS) for its initial series production aircraft.

According to a press release:

“As part of the agreement, Blueshift will supply its revolutionary AeroZero® TPS, which will fit within Lilium’s battery design to help prevent burn through and mitigate the risk of thermal runaway propagation….Blueshift’s technology provides protection of carbon fibre composites and thin metallic housing and parts, such as aluminium, titanium and steel. All of Blueshift’s products are flame retardant, less than 1.5mm thick and have a very low thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity.

“Key applications include direct flame and thermal protection for batteries and their enclosures, composite housings, structural barriers, as well as helping mitigate fire propagation from thermal runaway in power-dense batteries.”

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AeroZero® Products

(Image: Lilium)

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