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LuftCar and PowerTap Hydrogen Fuel to develop a range of air/ground fuelling stations in Conneticut

LuftCar Corp has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with PowerTap Hydrogen Fuel Incorporation, to promote hydrogen infrastructure for air, road transport and utility backup.

According to Santh Sathya, Chairman and CEO of LuftCar Corp: “The collaboration between PowerTap and LuftCar aims to establish a network of hydrogen refueling stations called LuftPadsTM as part of H2 corridors across Connecticut to support the fueling needs of eVTOLs, road vehicles, and utility backup systems. PowerTap will enable H2 availability in LuftPads, while LuftCar will be responsible for the operations of LuftPads”. LuftCar Corp is an eVTOL vehicle developer and has communicated plans to build the vehicles in the Northeast USA.

According to a company press release:The collaboration between PowerTap and LuftCar is expected to have a significant impact on Connecticut’s efforts to achieve its clean energy goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By providing access to hydrogen refueling infrastructure for air, road, and utility backup refueling, this partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology and contribute to a greener, more sustainable transportation and last mile cargo delivery ecosystem in the state.

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