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Manta Aircraft “enters strategic partnership with Italy’s SkyCab”

Multiple press reports say Manta Aircraft has entered into a strategic partnership with Italy-based flight-sharing service Skycab.

Manta is developing a range of aircraft, based on a winged design in combination with a hybrid-electric propulsion system, optimised for eVT/STOL lift and cruise “resulting in very efficient and economical use at ranges of 300-800+ km at high speeds,” according to the company.

There are three Manta aircraft under development:

  • The ANN2 “Speeder” twin seater for General Aviation & multi-purpose utility missions.
  • The ANN PLUS, a multipurpose multi-seater air vehicle with a fully carbon-fibre structure, 4-6 seats for personal mobility and business travel but adjustable to any cargo transport operations.
  • ANN-DRONE is a carbon-fiber structure high-performance drone version which can be controlled remotely or operated autonomously.

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