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Paris 2023: SkyDrive tasks Suzuki with eVTOL production – adds a passenger seat

SkyDrive Inc has announced today at Paris Air Show 2023 that the company had signed a basic agreement with Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) for cooperation in manufacturing “SKYDRIVE” eVTOL aircraft.

“SkyDrive will establish a wholly owned subsidiary for the purpose of manufacturing its eVTOL aircraft “SKYDRIVE,” said the company. “With Suzuki, the manufacturing subsidiary will utilize a production facility owned by the Suzuki Group in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and aims to start building the SkyDrive “SKYDRIVE” eVTOL aircraft by spring of 2024. Suzuki will also cooperate with the manufacturing subsidiary in securing human resources and making other preparations for the start of manufacturing. More specific terms and conditions will be agreed upon through ongoing discussions.

SkyDrive has also increase its cabin volume from two passenger seats to three.

The “SKYDRIVE” eVTOL aircraft, to be built at Suzuki’s production facility, is a three-seat, electric-powered lightweight aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, said the company.

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