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Paris Air Show 2023: far, far more than just eVTOLs

By Philip Butterworth-Hayes

With the unofficial kick-off of the world’s urban air mobility industry operational phase due to start at the 2024 Paris Olympics, this year’s Paris Air Show will bring together the largest number of UAM industry and technology suppliers ever assembled.

Paris Air Mobility is a dedicated UAM/advanced air mobility exhibition hub at the show. “Located in Hall 5, the event will combine an exhibition area, where manufacturers and start-ups can display their revolutionary products and services, alongside an industry leading conference program, where senior-level speakers will provide analyses and insights on the current state of the AAM market and how to drive the industry forward,” say the show organisers.

A highlight of this exhibition space will be the eVTOL display where Airbus, Archer, Ascendance Flight Technologies, AutoFlight, EHang,Eve Air Mobility, Joby Aviation, Lilium, Volocopter and Wisk will all have their platforms on display.

But the show will also highlight the advance of electric aviation with the presence of a new generation of electric and hybrid/electric aircraft in display or featured in the show halls. Among these are:

  • The Votlaero Cassio S – an electric/Hybrid experimental aircraft resulting from the transformation of a CESSNA 337 Skymaster. It is equipped with a total of six motors driving 3 variable pitch and feathering propellers. 2 SAFRAN electric motors, positioned on the wings, provide traction during the take-off and landing phases, the rear propulsion unit is used during these phases in electric mode, and also provides propulsion in thermal or electric mode during ferry flights.
  • The DA40 Electrique
  • The Aura Aero
  • The Daher TBM 700 Ecopulse (a hybrid aircraft prototype equipped with 6 electrical motors and one classical turboshaft engine)
  • The Pipestrel Velis Electro

Inside the exhibition halls, UAM/AAM systems and component manufacturers will also be unveiling new products. Electromechanical actuator Liebherr-Aerospace will be showing a new range of AAM systems. “The new concept specifically addresses the emerging AAM  sector and also covers smaller aircraft, business jets and helicopters,” said the company. Trelleborg will feature the Turcon® VL Seal® II for hydraulic sealing of actuators in flight controls and landing gear, and seals in landing gear shock absorbers for eVTOLs. New concept AAM aircraft propulsion systems will be on display at Magnix, Rolls-Royce, Safran and elsewhere.

In partnership with Aviation Week Network, the Paris Air Mobility also will deliver a high level programme of advanced air mobility content across three days, from 20 to 22 June, bringing together subject matter experts to provide thought leadership on key challenges and opportunities facing the eVTOL industry.

Agenda: https://aam.aviationweek.com/en/conference/conference-agenda.html

Speakers: https://aam.aviationweek.com/en/conference/speakers.html

​Urban Air Mobility and Unmanned Airspace staff will be attending the show and delivering the news throughout the event. If you want to contact us with news, views or opportunities to meet,  please send a message to philip@unmannedairspace.info.

(Images:Paris Air Show)

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