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Klissarov Design outlines plans for personal eVTOL designed to land on yachts

Designs for an eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle that yacht owners could use to take and land from their yachts has been revealed by Klissarov Design, a vehicle design studio in France, using cyclorotor technology reports IOT World today.

“CycloTech in Austria recently created an air car by using cyclorotor technology rather than traditional propellers. The technology allows a vehicle to do sideways and backward flight and mid-air braking without tilting or banking the vehicle.

“The propulsion system, developed over the last 10 years by CycloTech, comprised five generations of cyclorotors.  The aviation propulsion system contains several parallel blades rotating around a central rotation axis.

“The Acro features would include a ballistic parachute at the top, a structural harness to retain the pilot, helmetless operation, dual joystick operation with no pedals and an integrated deck-in charging at the bottom of the aircraft.

“The Klissarov Acro would not require a pilot license under the ultralight category, as defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).”

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(Image: Klissarov Design)

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