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Pipistrel celebrates first electric aircraft delivery to Canada

Pipistrel today announced its first delivery to Canada of its all-electric, two-seater aircraft the Velis Electro.

In a statement the company reported “The Canadian customer, the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) at the University of Waterloo and its partner Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC), will use the Velis Electro to increase their research and collaborative capacity to evaluate battery powered electric flight in Canada. Pipistrel continues its work with Transport Canada towards certification of the Velis Electro.”

Pipistrel say that the Velis Electro is “the world’s first and currently only in service, commercially available, type-certified electric aircraft, having achieved EASA type-certification in 2020 and UK CAA certification in 2022.” Pipistrel says that it is currently pursuing a FAA airworthiness certificate for the Velis Electro and that the two-seat, fixed-wing aircraft produces noise levels of only 60 decibels and no exhaust gases, while cruising at an average speed of 90 knots and covering a range of 108 nautical miles at a payload weight of 172 kg (378 lb).

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(Image:  Pipistrel)

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