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Single-seat Neo Crimson S8 aimed at “25 cities in the US by 2025 with 1,000 units per city”

Singapore’s Straits Times reports that Neo Aerospace has unveiled a one-seater flying vehicle that it hopes could be used for door-to-door transportation in urban areas when it is launched in the USA. The Crimson S8, is earmarked to launch in California from late next year.

“The vehicle is currently undergoing indoor trials without an operator on board in Loyang. Neo Aeronautics is looking to fine-tune the model and conduct outdoor trials soon. It may approach the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to explore if it is possible to do so here. The firm is aiming to start flight tests in the US by March next year.

Founder and chief executive Neo Kok Beng said the vehicle is designed for low-level urban aerial mobility and facilitates door-to-door urban transportation. It can fit into a standard American carpark lot measuring around 15 sq m and can fly at a height of 15m with a payload of 100kg. It will have a maximum speed of 100kmh. The current development model can stay airborne for about 20 minutes, but the company plans to improve the limit up to at least 60 minutes. The vehicle has the capability to fly on autopilot, or be manually controlled by the pilot.”

Associate Professor (Adjunct) Neo, founder and chief executive of the company, said he plans to launch the vehicle in 25 cities in the US by 2025, with 1,000 units in each city.

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