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Skyportz launches new Australian e-Airline and forms partnership with FlyNow

Electric air taxi infrastructure start-up, Skyportz, recently announced the establishment of Wilbur Air – a wholly owned subsidiary to operate electric and hybrid aircraft from its network of vertiports.  Wilbur Air and FlyNow have also announced a partnership to deliver up to a hundred aircraft to the Australian market.

“Wilbur Air will have priority access to the Skyportz vertiport locations to be developed around Australia” according to the press release. “A range of aircraft partners will facilitate everything from heavy lifting drone deliveries to short and long range passenger travel. Wilbur Air’s first aircraft partnership announcement was with Electra.Aero.”

“Many of our Skyportz vertiport partners are industrial property owners which are searching for heavy lifting drone freight solutions” said  CEO, Clem Newton-Brown.

“Establishing a business-to-business freight service will enable us to prove the concept and operational safety in partnership with Fly Now, before we move to passenger applications”.

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