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Spright and Dufour Aerospace announce purchase for up to 140 Aero2 unmanned tilt-wing aircraft

Today, Spright, the drone division of Air Methods, a provider of helicopter emergency medical services, and Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss eVTOL company, announced the purchase by Spright of 40 Aero2 with options for additional 100 aircraft. The company says the cooperation and sales agreement of up to 140 Aero2 aircraft represents the largest commitment by an operator to date for the Aero2 design, and is one of the largest civilian unmanned aerial vehicle purchases in US history.

Spright says the Dufour Aero2 aircraft expands the company’s opportunity to serve the healthcare community by carrying heavier payload over longer distances. This it adds, translates to more patient samples, larger tissue specimens and organs, and heavier supplies and equipment being transported with the on-demand speed and efficiency that is unique to drone delivery.

The press release further reports that “Dufour Aerospace is developing the next generation of eVTOL aircraft, with a focus on the emergency medical services market and movement of time-sensitive, critical cargo. The company has two designs: the Aero2 is designed for unmanned, remotely piloted operations; and the Aero3, a manned, 8-seat aircraft designed specifically for air ambulance and HEMS operations. Each design features a tilt-wing that combines the best of helicopters and airplanes: vertical take-off and landing on even the smallest spots and energy-efficient longer-range flight at high speeds.

“Spright will assist Dufour in obtaining type certification for the Aero2, including technical, data, and flight activity support for demonstration purposes, such as durability, failure, and reliability testing, and detect and avoid capabilities. Spright will also be the exclusive Aero2 service, maintenance, and training partner for third parties in North America.

“Terms of the purchase, development, and service agreement between the parties are not disclosed. Flight testing of the Aero2 is underway in Zurich, Switzerland.”

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