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Surcar Airlines selects ZeroAvia engines for tourist flights in the Canary Islands

ZeroAvia today announced that it has signed an agreement to provide its ZA600 hydrogen-electric engines to new operator Surcar Airlines as it “looks to bring green flights to the Canary Islands.”

The company says Surcar “plans to use Twin Otter seaplanes retrofited with the ZA600 powertrain on sightseeing tours. The newly launched airline is backed by investors including the Danish carrier Nordic Seaplanes. Surcar Airlines is committed to spearheading the electrification of aviation to enable zero-emission flights in the Canary Islands. By pioneering captivating, green sightseeing flights.

“Surcar Airlines will begin operations with conventionally powered aircraft, the next step will be switching to hydrogen-electric engines to remove all in-flight emissions, providing huge additional reductions in climate and air quality impacts.”

ZeroAvia says it is on track for certification of the ZA600, 600kW engine for 9-19 seat aircraft over the next two to three years and has a Memorandum of Understanding with De Havilland of Canada, type certificate holder of the Twin Otter.

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(Image: ZeroAvia)

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