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The AirCraft Company launches 30-seater hybrid-electric airline with wheelchair access

The AirCraft Company, a new start up in Wichita, Kansas has announced plans to produce the Pangea SY30J regional airliner – a hybrid-electric, 30 seater aircraft, scheduled to enter service in 2029.   The company says that the new aircraft will be able to accommodate passengers’ wheel chairs in the cabin as it has addressed “the reduced space in airplane cabins that has led to the neglect of people with reduced mobility.”

Design of the Pangea SY30J, which is envisaged as the first of a family of airplanes, the company says started over a year ago has been presented to some airlines with favourable reviews.  With a 400 km zero-emission range and 800+ km reduced emission range, the company says it intends to “provide an economic incentive for airlines to return to the smaller communities, away from big hubs and offer more point-to-point service.”

Further updates are expected in the months to come.

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(Image: The AirCraft Company)

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