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VI&E Solutions partners with Crisalion Mobility

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions (VI&E) has partnered with Spanish electric vertical and take-off (eVTOL) manufacturer, Crisalion Mobility to jointly develop and analyse advanced air mobility (AAM) projects including cargo, emergency medical services (EMS), urban air mobility (UAM), regional air mobility (RAM) and tourism. The company says teams will study the required aspects needed for successful and efficient operations of Crisalion Mobility’s Integrity eVTOL at VI&E Solutions’ vertiports to further enhance the efficiency and safety of AAM operations.

“Crisalion Mobility, previously known as UMILES Next, is a company with a double commitment to air and ground electric mobility with its own technologies, offering solutions aimed at national and international operators” according to the press release.

“Before 2030 there will be electric aircraft operating on urban and regional routes. There are already experiences of autonomous land mobility, remotely controlled from a control centre. Crisalion Mobility is dedicated to the development of competitive solutions in both areas.

“Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions is connecting communities with best-in-class eVTOL infrastructure technology to ensure society is ready for the future. VI&E Solutions offers three modular vertiport designs and charging stations for electric vehicles across all mediums: air, land and sea.”

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(Image: VI&E Solutions)

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