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Lloyd’s Register and REGENT partner on certification for all-electric seaglider

Lloyd’s Register (LR), a global professional services group specialising in providing expert assistance to marine engineering and technology providers and REGENT, the manufacturer of all-electric seagliders for sustainable maritime mobility, announced today that LR will provide certification and advisory services for REGENT’s 12-passenger Viceroy seagliders.

“Seagliders are a novel type of maritime vessel that operate a few meters above the water’s surface, combining the higher speeds of a light aircraft with the low operating costs of a maritime vessel” according to the press release.

“REGENT’s all-electric seagliders represent the latest technology in maritime vessels that drastically reduce the time and cost of transporting people and goods between coastal destinations.  The novel hydrofoiling wing-in-ground (WIG) craft brings together advanced modern technology from multiple industries – including electric propulsion, hydrofoils, modern vehicle controls, and fly-by-wire systems – to revolutionize WIG capabilities, providing wave tolerance, safe operations, and passenger comfort.

“Taking a risk-based approach in the absence of existing rules and regulations, LR will support REGENT through the maritime certification process, including advancing its design basis agreement (DBA) with the US Coast Guard and defining the certification pathway for non-US seagliders. This process and the engineering data derived from this partnership will help define LR rules for future WIG vessels, including REGENT’s 100-passenger Monarch seaglider.

“REGENT aims to have humans on board its 12-passenger seaglider prototype this year, with vehicles to market by mid-decade.”

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(Image: Regent)

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