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SkyScape partners with Aerovy Mobility in vertiport energy management

Asa Quesenberry, founder of SkyScape has announced on LinkedIn that SkyScape Vertiports and Aerovy Mobility, a US-based energy management software startup are signing an MOU to standardise vertiport energy management in Asia Pacific.

“Our MOU details plans to utilise Aerovy’s vertiport energy management systems at SkyScape vertiport facilities starting in Japan in 2025” Quesenberry says in the post.  “Additionally, a separate agreement will be put in place for Aerovy’s participation in our Integrated Aviation Center project, SkyScape’s flagship vertiport lab being planned in Japan.

“In the reality we all want to realise for AAM, it shouldn’t be underestimated the potential strain we could put on our electrical grids. To make up for this strain, I think vertiports need to be designed to one day contribute back to the grid.

“Aerovy’s suite of software products will allow us to analyse data, monitor, and fully automate management of energy flow at our Vertiports and work closely in parallel with our other SkyScape vertiport facilities and systems.”

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(Image: Skyscape)

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