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VPorts to build and operate vertiport hub at Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo, Brazil

VPorts and Air Traffic Management Inc. (VPorts) have announced in a press release that they have been selected to build and operate a vertiport hub at Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo(GRU) as part of a 40-year concession agreement signed with airport authorities. The company says the new 5,100 square metre building will open at the end of 2023.

The new GRU private terminal will include the vertiport hub, which will be ready to enter into service as urban air travel vehicles take flight in the coming years. By 2026, eVTOLs and air taxis will be connecting Guarulhos to other areas in São Paulo. The private terminal is being built with integrated air mobility in mind. Over 100,000 passengers per year are expected to use the terminal by 2045.

VPorts reports also that it is planning to deploy its South American VPorts Operation Control Center (VOCC) in the City of São Paulo and will oversee the operation of all its vertiports in South America from this centre.

The company says that it has partnered with best-in-class companies on the GRU project reporting “The vertiport’s concept of operations and operational requirements – which includes the air traffic management integration – are being developed by NUAIR, a New York-based engineering firm defining the future of safe uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced airborne mobility (AAM) operation. UAM Geomatics of Washington, D.C., will perform passenger, cost, and revenue forecasting, geospatial mapping and vertiport network location mapping in the State of São Paulo. NEXA Capital Partners, also of Washington, D.C., will provide the infrastructure investment necessary to build vertiports.”

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