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Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation publishes electric and hydrogen aviation standards summary

WG4 of the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation (AZEA) has developed a report that summarises the industry working groups and committees focused on electric and hydrogen propulsion.

According to a summary of the report:

“Within AZEA WG-4, a dedicated subgroup will focus on the industry-wide structuring of standardization efforts. Its main objective is to identify standards required to support the certification of hydrogen and electric aircraft, associated air and ground operations and the infrastructure required to support them.

“To achieve this objective, existing standards are now being mapped, and a gap analysis of worldwide and cross-sectorial standardization activities will be performed. The result of this work will be a comprehensive standardization roadmap with recommendations to support its implementation.

“The aim of WG-4 is to produce the following set of deliverables to address the aforementioned objectives.

  • Current Standardization Landscape: a comprehensive mapping of existing standards and committees supporting electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen powered aircraft and ground infrastructure and operations. The purpose of this mapping is to provide a reference for the identification of gaps and risks of overlap in current standardization activities and will constitute the basis for the development of a comprehensive standardization roadmap.
  • Standardization Gap Analysis: a review of the standardization mapping and identification of areas where new standards are needed to ensure compliance and safety. The analysis will serve as a resource for Standards Development Organizations and industry stakeholders to identify areas where further standardization efforts are required and point out opportunities for collaboration and harmonization of activities.
  • Standardization Roadmap: a comprehensive and structured set of recommendations to address gaps in standardization, identifying and prioritizing standardization needs, and setting goals for the development and implementation of new standards supporting electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft.

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