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Brazil’s ANAC publishes advanced air mobility roadmap and vision document

Brazil’s aviation regulator ANAC has published its advanced/urban air mobility roadmap document Panorama Advanced Air Mobility during the LABACE 2023 event in São Paulo.

According to ANAC, via google translate

Panorama AAM brings a portrait of the development phase of the equipment, its differentiations, the technologies applied, the barriers to be overcome , the role of ANAC in enabling the market to develop the best solutions aligned with the safety of equipment and operation , and how Brazil can be at the forefront of regulation. 

“In the market, there has been consensus that there are still challenges such as the implementation of air traffic management systems, the limitation of the autonomy of electric batteries and the physical structure such as “ vertiports ” The main manufacturers foresee the beginning of eVTOL operations for 2025-2028.  

“Panorama Advanced Air Mobility is an open letter from ANAC to society, presenting in a simple, uncomplicated and realistic way what has been done so far and some of the main challenges for the wide use of this new means of transport, ranging from equipment certification, the qualification of maintenance professionals and pilots, to the structures of navigation and operation.” 

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