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CASA Australia publishes “Guidance for Vertiport Design” Advisory Circular

CASA Australia, following a period of public consultation, has published its Advisory Circular on vertiport design.  “Following our lengthy consultation, we reviewed the feedback we received and have incorporated what we could in the final product,” said a spokesperson for the agency.

The report describes itself as providing “initial guidance in the planning and physical design of vertiports to support the safe and efficient operation of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable aircraft operating with a pilot on board in visual conditions only.”

The AC also says it is “not intended to restrict or limit a pilot from determining the most suitable area for landing or take-off for the VTOL-capable aircraft operation. Where possible, outcome-based guidance is provided. While regulations were previously written in a prescriptive manner, organisations are now also required to develop processes that will deliver an effective outcome”.

For more information and download Advisory Circular

AC 139.V-01 v1.0 – Guidelines for vertiports – design

(Image: CASA Australia)

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