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HIEN Aero Technologies flight-tests hybrid gas turbine powered uncrewed eVTOL

eVTOL developer Hien Aero Technologies of Japan has announced that it has  conducted a hovering test of the “HIEN Dr-One V2B” eVTOL prototype in an outdoor environment at a local airport using a gas turbine power generation for approximately one minute according to a social media post by JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association).

“Since 2023, the company has been conducting ground tests on gas turbine generators that achieve flight distances, flight times, and high operating rates that are impossible with electric vehicles” according to the post.

“The gas turbine generator “DRAGON”, which uses the technology used in this test, the hybrid system “Butterfly” that drives it, and the eVTOL “HIEN Dr-One” are scheduled to go on sale in 2025.

“The company aims to develop a six-seat crewed eVTOL  air taxi by 2030.

“Dr-One aircraft specifications (Specifications are subject to change).

  • ”MTOW (maximum takeoff weight): 100kg
  • ”Maximum cruising distance: 180km
  • ”Maximum cargo loading capacity: 20kg
  • ”Maximum external power supply amount: 5kVAh”

For more information

https://lnkd.in/dSYc8UrV (video)


(Image: HIEN)

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