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ZeroAvia and Birmingham (UK) airport partner to build hydrogen aviation hub in the UK

Hydrogen-powered aircraft developer ZeroAvia has signed a long term partnership with the UK’s Birmingham Airport (BHX).

According to a company press release:

“The companies have entered into a long-term partnership to make on-airfield hydrogen refuelling and regular domestic passenger flights of zero-emission aircraft a reality in the coming years….ZeroAvia is currently working on bringing to market a zero-emission system capable of flying 20-seat aircraft 300 nautical miles by 2025. This opens up the possibility of green air travel from Birmingham to destinations such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Isle of Man and Dublin by the middle of this decade.

“In a move that would make zero-emission travel to Mediterranean holiday destinations a reality, ZeroAvia is aiming to get an emissions-free engine for 80-seat aircraft, flying up to 700 nautical miles by 2027, achieving distances of up to 1000 nautical miles soon after.  For BHX, the partnership with ZeroAvia sits alongside its own journey to become a net-zero-carbon airport by 2033, as outlined in its ‘carbon roadmap’ published in 2022.

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