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Australia’s Aviation Green paper sees leading AAM role for the country in the Pacific

“The emergence of new technologies also allows Australia to provide leadership in the region and strengthen our partnerships with like-minded governments in the Pacific and assist those in the region to share in the benefits offered by emerging aviation technologies,” according to the Aviation Green Paper, released on 7 September 2023, by the Australian government.

“There is likely to be demand from these nations for the uptake of drones and AAM and Australia has already received requests from countries in the region for our support to facilitate these technologies. ..There may be benefits in a whole-of-government approach to boost engagement in the Pacific to support the uptake of emerging aviation technologies across the region.”

The paper also suggests the government will have a key role in coordinating and financing advanced air mobility operations and infrastructure.

“While shared responsibility and interests across different levels of government is not new, managing the introduction of drones and AAM and promoting further growth of this sector will require a greater level of intergovernmental coordination on aviation matters than has previously been the case,” it continues. “While airspace management will remain the responsibility of the Australian Government, improved coordination and collaboration could be facilitated by a national approach to managing drone rules between the Australian Government, and state, territory and local governments. This work would build upon work already underway in the Commonwealth, States and Territories Drones Working Group to consider a framework to allow for collaboration and coordination across all levels of Government on the development, management and enforcement of rules related to drones across jurisdictions.”

The paper also suggests that “private sector capital will need to drive innovation and manufacturing but government may have a role creating a favourable investment environment.”

Through the Green Paper, the Government is seeking feedback on aviation matters.

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Aviation Green Paper

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