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Moya Aero awarded USD2 million to develop cargo eVTOL

Moya Aero, a Brazilian startup, has announced that it has been awarded a USD2 million grant to develop its own electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for cargo transport from the FINEP, a Brazilian government organization that promotes science, technology, and innovation.

The company says it was just one of two companies awarded among 15 finalists and that the eVTOL will be built in partnership with the drone divisions of Helisul Aviação, Albatross Engenharia LTDA an Certifica Drone.

Moya reports on its website that the eVTOL which will be 100% electric, have a range of 110km and a payload of 220kg is designed as an “autonomous, high-capacity cargo vehicle to solve the challenges of logistics in the agri business.”

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(Image: Moya Aero)

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