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NSW Australia plans to unlock potential of electric aviation

Transport for New South Wales (NSW) in Australia wants to facilitate a step change to electric aviation and has called on businesses and industry leaders to support the vision of electric aviation and make it a reality.

On its website the NSW Government says “Our vision is to ensure this new technology is fully integrated into a multi-modal network that benefits passengers” and it has outlined this vision for aviation growth and development in the region in its electric aviation brochure.

“New and emerging electric aviation has the potential to reshape how people and goods travel in regional NSW” reads the statement which continues: “Emergency medical supplies, urgent freight and even passengers could soon be transported by state-of-the-art electric aircraft. Electric planes and drones could make transport cheaper, cleaner and more convenient than ever before.  They could open new routes for passengers, connect communities and increase freight efficiency.”

The statement elaborates further saying “The electric aviation sector must grow in a manner that is safe, secure and considerate of the environment. It should enable economic activity, create new job opportunities and strengthen existing communities.”

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(Image: NSW Government)

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