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UK and Germany partner to further advance hydrogen developments

The UK and Germany have entered into an agreement to “help accelerate the development of an international hydrogen industry.”

Signed today at the UK Embassy in Berlin, by Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Lord Callanan and Federal Republic of Germany’s State Secretary for Energy Philip Nimmermann – a Joint Declaration of Intent will see the UK and Germany work together to underpin the international trade in hydrogen.

“The two governments will also accelerate the role of low-carbon hydrogen in their nations’ energy mix, showing the world how to expand new, net zero-friendly markets” according to the government statement. “They committed to work together to further advance ground-breaking and renewable hydrogen technologies, supporting jobs and low-carbon investment.

“The partnership follows significant investment by both countries in the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. In the UK, the government is supporting new low-carbon hydrogen production with capital from the £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund and revenue support from the Hydrogen Production Business Model. In Germany, the government is also supporting the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy with funding from the Climate and Transformation Fund, providing a push for the ramp-up of a hydrogen market.

“Hydrogen is of the highest importance for us to meet our goals regarding emission reduction. Also, it is a great opportunity for business. I am looking forward to a successful partnership.

“Five pillars of collaboration were agreed by the leaders:

  1. “Accelerating the deployment of hydrogen projects for industry and consumers
  2. “Establishing international leadership on hydrogen markets, setting safety and regulations to aid trade
  3. “Research and innovation on hydrogen, from production to end use
  4. “Promoting trade for hydrogen, plus related goods, technologies and services
  5. “Joint market analysis, to support planning and investment by government and industry

“The agreement will further help the UK and Germany reach their respective goals of net zero emissions by 2050 and to secure a reliable energy supply for economic and energy security purposes, recognising the shifting geopolitical landscape.”

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(Image: UK Government)

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