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UK Future Flight Challenge announces UKP30 million for UAS, UAM and AAM projects

The UK’s Future Flight Challenge has launched an invitation to tender for research into an Aviation Safety Case to support the Challenge Team, its advisory structures and the Future Flight Community at large

This is an open competition with an expectation of the work being provided by research centric organisations.

The Future Flight Challenge seeks to develop a novel aviation system capable of safely operating novel models of air transportation incorporating drones, urban/ rural air mobility and sub-regional all electric aircraft. Aircraft will have degrees of autonomy and will support the development and execution of delivery services, inspection services, passenger mobility services. On 18 May, the UK government announced UKP30 million funding is now available for innovations to help revolutionise the way we fly.

According to the Future Flight Challenge” website:

“Bids are invited from both aviation and non-aviation companies and organisations of all sizes, to develop systems and technology that support the use of new types of electric and/or autonomous air vehicles. The projects will address the challenge of using these air vehicles safely and practically. For example: integrating them into existing airports, airspace, rural and urban environments; building public confidence; developing new business models, and more.

“The vehicles could include flying taxis, drones delivering medical supplies, small electric aircraft, vertical take-off and landing vehicles and autonomous aircraft – innovations that could help people and goods get around faster, reduce road congestion and reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation system.

Companies and organisations of all sizes, from within and outside of the aviation and aerospace sectors, can bid for either UKP150,000-UKP500,000 per project at https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/competition/591/overview, or UKP500,000-UKP10 million per project at https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/competition/592/overview.

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