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Vertical Flight Society publishes updated hydrogen airport hub whitepaper

The Vertical Flight Society’s hydrogen working group, H2-Aero Team has updated its Multimodal H2-Airport Hub white paper.

“The goal of this whitepaper, “Multimodal H2-Airport Hub,” is to create a repeatable hydrogen hub for the airport, first with a ground vehicle fueling station, and later expanding to an airport-based hub supplying multiple modes of transportation,” says the society.  “This whitepaper establishes a blueprint towards creating hydrogen aircraft and fueling demonstrations and proposes creating a public-private partnership to enable demonstrations.  The objective is to further prove out the technology and develop confidence in scaling hydrogen hubs at airports.

The whitepaper includes a concept illustration of the H2-Aero Team’s vision for a renewable hydrogen hub at airports, from production to dispensing of both gaseous and liquid hydrogen and accommodating both modes of aircraft and ground transportation. “Hydrogen storage is also exemplified as needed for fueling and onsite reserve. “

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