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ACS Group becomes investor of Skyports

The ACS Group has reached agreement to become an investor of Skyports, a global company in the ownership and operation of vertiports, sustainable infrastructures for air mobility and drone flights.

“The investment is made through Iridium and will contribute to the development of the British company’s different business areas” according to a company press release. “Skyports Infrastructure will boost its vertiports, while Skyports Drone Services will promote existing services, including offshore medical and energy asset deliveries and linear asset inspections. The ACS Group thus reinforces its commitment to infrastructures associated with sustainable mobility.

“Nuria Haltiwanger, CEO of Iridium, who joins Skyports’ Board as Chairperson, said, “We look forward to bringing our expertise in large-scale infrastructure development and construction to help grow Skyports and the overall AAM market. We are looking at how Skyports’ drone services expertise will help us bring more efficiency to our existing asset management, construction and mining businesses in the group. This investment in Skyports is a critical step in our strategy of further expansion into next-generation infrastructure, particularly sustainable mobility.”

Duncan Walker, co-founder and CEO of Skyports, said, “With ACS backing, we are in the best possible position to advance commercial air taxi and electric drone services around the world.”

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(Image: ACS Group)

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