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Crisalion Mobility and Skyrisks sign MoU to develop eVTOL insurance policies

Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish company in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with global Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) insurance specialist Skyrisks, establishing a strategic partnership in the eVTOL insurance market.

According to a press release the companies’ goals under the new agreement are to:

  • “Investigate appropriate frameworks and ways of working between eVTOL OEMs and insurance companies to ensure effective and efficient insurance policies can be in place for eVTOL OEMs and operators.
  • “Work together to assess key parameters for eVTOL insurability.
  • “Propose methodologies to measure these parameters.
  • “Evaluate the drivers of insurance costs and how design decisions may affect them.
  • “Investigate appropriate insurance methodologies for eVTOL needs during design, testing, prototyping, certification, and operation phases.”

The companies say the partnership will allow each to share specialist insights, identifying and mitigating the risks associated with eVTOLs. The two partners will also exchange key technical data to allow for accurate risk assessment and to create policies that respond effectively to the needs of all parties involved.

The two companies add that they are fully committed to bridging the gap in the eVTOL industry, where a strong mutual understanding between manufacturers and insurers is absolutely crucial.

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