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Dronehop, Kookiejar of Sweden develop drone delivery network in Dubai

Dronehop, a drone delivery company based in the UAE and vertiport provider Kookiejar of Sweden (KOS), have signed a partnership agreement to establish drone delivery operations in Dubai.

“Dronehop is a provider of drone delivery solutions, dedicated to offering innovative and efficient services to its clients,” says a company press release. “By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and investing in research and development, Dronehop aims to revolutionize the logistics industry and make drone delivery a reality for businesses worldwide.

Kim Silander, founder of Kookiejar, said, “With Dronehop, we get a partner to develop our infrastructure for both heavy-weight drone freight transport and smaller delivery drones. In the field of medical care, speed is critical, and difficulties in delivering vital supplies in time are a pain point all around the world.”

Dronehop and Kookiejar plan to explore numerous use cases in Dubai, including cold chain drone facilities utilized by hospitals worldwide.

Kim Silander continued, “With the recent announcements from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, establishing and endorsing standards and criteria for Vertiports and Droneports, Dronehop is truly a strategic partnership to help us with this.”

The two companies are currently working on a pilot project at Dubai’s premier drone testing facility, Dubai Silicon Oasis. The pilot will be a crucial step in proving the safety case to authorities and integrating Dronehop’s drone delivery services with Kookiejar’s stations.

Kookiejar has already signed agreements with Norrköping Airport, host of the AERO-oriented European Digital Innovation Hub backed by the European Commission. The company has also partnered with Air Chateau, one of the largest heliport operators in Dubai South, and has an MoU in place with Terminal Holdings from Abu Dhabi.

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