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Drones to deliver faster medical testing for Australia’s Queenslanders

Integrated drone logistics networks will soon be shuttling pathology samples from the Moreton Bay islands to Mater Pathology testing labs under a new partnership between Mater and Australian integrated drone logistics company Swoop Aero.

Swoop Aero report “The initiative will slash up to six hours off the time it takes for samples – including vital blood tests and COVID-19 swabs – to reach Mater for testing.

“The integrated bi-directional drone logistics network is expected to collect more than 80,000 pathology samples a year from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service patients and other patients living on Stradbroke Island, Russell Island, Macleay Island and other Moreton Bay islands serviced by Mater Pathology, as well as the Redlands and Hope Island on the Gold Coast.

“The partnership between Swoop Aero and Mater Group represents Australia’s first drone-enabled pathology collection network. Swoop Aero’s integrated drone logistics bridge the gaps in society’s infrastructure — to realise the next giant leap in how essential supplies and services are delivered.

“Following FAA type certification, Swoop Aero’s fleet of Kite ™ aircraft will travel distances of more than 175 kilometres on a single battery charge across the Brisbane area, carrying up to 10 lbs of medical cargo.”

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(Image: Swoop Aero) 

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