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“FAA grants Matternet a Production Certificate for its M2 drone”

Matternet has announced that it has been granted a Production Certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its Matternet M2 drone. This follows the announcement earlier this year that the M2 aircraft achieved FAA standard Type Certification, a first of its kind for an unmanned aircraft, says the company.

“The Production Certificate acknowledges that Matternet has established a quality management and manufacturing capability to produce aircraft that conform to the approved Type Design,” according to a press release.  “This will enable Matternet to manufacture, test and issue airworthiness certificates for M2 drones moving forward. The Matternet M2 drone will be produced at the company’s Mountain View, California facility.

“Receiving an FAA Production Certificate is yet another milestone establishing Matternet as the first – and currently only – company able to produce certified delivery drone systems in the United States,” said Andreas Raptopoulos, founder and CEO of Matternet. “The aircraft produced under this Certificate will be the very ones that lead a transformation of how we deliver timesensitive materials, especially in critical industries like health care.”

Matternet reports it is currently focused on expanding its U.S. operations, especially within the health sector where unmanned delivery can be a significant solution to challenges faced by health systems increasingly stretched thin and facing demands for new efficiencies.

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