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Holo completes onshore-to-offshore drone delivery

In a social media post Holo, an implementer, integrator and operator of autonomous vehicles in the Nordics, announced it had achieved a milestone in the company’s history by collaborating with partners from Ørsted, DSV – Global Transport and Logistics and RigiTech, to complete the company’s first onshore to offshore drone delivery – “We flew approximately 25 kilometers from Ørsted’s facilities in the Port of Grenaa to the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, dropped off spare parts and returned 25 kilometers to shore. The 30 minute flight was monitored from the control room at Holo’s office in Copenhagen. Serving offshore wind farms with spare parts delivered by autonomous drones is now a reality!”

Holo says the company will continue testing with its partners in the coming months to optimise processes and expand the scope to get the most value out of the new possibilities the flights bring.

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(Image: Holo)

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