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Odys Aviation and Aramex announce partnership to develop cargo operations in the United Arab Emirates and Oman

Odys Aviation, a company building hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft and Aramex, a company providing delivery and logistics services to the Middle East and other emerging economies, today announced a partnership to develop cargo operations in the UAE, Oman and further afield in the region.

“Odys Aviation’s aircraft, designed in multiple configurations for cargo, will be capable of delivering all-electric propulsion for distances up to 320 kms and will offer a hybrid-electric range of more than 1,200 kms” according to the press release. “As a result, flights operated via these aircraft have the potential to reduce carbon emissions on pan-GCC flights by up to 76 per cent and provide a zero-carbon air cargo alternative for routes across the UAE, Oman and beyond.

“Under the terms of the partnership, Odys Aviation and Aramex intend to collaborate on the development of autonomous logistics programs which will ultimately introduce cargo flights leveraging Odys Aviation’s cargo aircraft and Aramex’s fleet management capabilities. The first pilot programs will utilise Odys Aviation’s Laila aircraft (22 ft wingspan and 130 lbs payload) and will expand to include the company’s Alta aircraft, a full-scale vehicle with payload capabilities up to one ton. Aramex intends to support pilot training and a test flight program which will demonstrate the movement of cargo between its regional locations. The teams will further work jointly to tailor Concept of Operations (CONOPS) that will develop Odys Aviation’s aircraft to serve specific local environments. Upon approval from regional regulatory bodies, the two companies intend to launch operations and commercial activities and expand beyond test programs to demonstrable routes and new markets within the GCC.

“The collaboration aims to generate a new GCC network and operating model using VTOL aircraft for Aramex, enhancing the company’s regional presence and providing more sustainable options for customers and partners based in the GCC to ship cargo regionally or internationally via the UAE.

“Odys Aviation plans to launch a full-scale prototype in 2024, with a view to making the aircraft available to enter Aramex’s cargo fleet by early 2028.”

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(Image: Aramex)

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