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WeRobotics building local expertise in medical drone delivery in the Philippines

In an announcement today WeRobotics says “we’re excited to share that Philippines Flying Labs now has the expertise and technology to lead medical drone delivery projects across the Philippines. They are also the first organization to carry out medical drone deliveries in the country. In addition, this was the first time that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) granted beyond visual line of sight permissions to do drone deliveries.”

WeRobotics says it has worked closely with Philippines Flying labs and partners to carry out extensive community outreach and then “enabled locally-led practice in medical drone deliveries to build local expertise and ownership in drone deliveries with local experts.  The role of WeRobotics is to facilitate knowledge exchange, technology transfer and opportunity transfer, per our localisation and shift-the-power model.”

Because of the mountainous topography, many areas in the San Luis area are hard to reach. The roads are almost non-existent and are impassable, especially during the rainy season. In these conditions WeRobotics says it is able to reduce a two hour trip to nine minutes.

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(Image: WeRobotics)

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