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Vancouver Economic Commission publish Advanced Air Mobility report

Vancouver Economic Commission has announced today the release of its report entitled “Advanced Air Mobility in Vancouver: How an emerging sector could take off in the region.”

According to the Commission the report is “written for an audience of stakeholders and policy regulators already interested in learning more about how to strategically deploy advanced air mobility. The report provides insight into some of the successes and difficulties encountered in global AAM hubs and outlines the most important and promising areas that need to be addressed in order to maximize the economic, environmental and social benefits of AAM deployment in the Vancouver region.”

Furthermore it says the report “Provides an overview of the current state of advanced air mobility in major AAM hubs; Identifies notable regulatory gaps and opportunities in the Vancouver region and; Suggests recommendations for a path forward on AAM deployment in the region, including priority and near-term use cases.”

According to the Commission’s website, readers can find out:

  1. “How AAM deployment in the Vancouver region could aid sectors like public health, agriculture and disaster response
  2. What global AAM hubs have done to foster successful AAM ecosystems
  3. Some of the necessary steps to leverage Vancouver and BC’s existing strengths, and to maximize the sector’s benefits to the region.”

For more information and to download report

(Image: Vancouver Economic Commission)

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