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Report: Specialist medical drones delivery market could exceed USD400 million by 2025

A detailed overview of the specialist Medical Drones Market by cuereport.com with emphasis on the pivotal drivers influencing the revenue streams, shows the market could easily exceed USD400 million by 2025.

Partly due to COVID-19, the increasing applications of medical drones in the healthcare supply chain will positively impact the industry growth moving forward. There has been a significant expansion in the usage of medical drones from PPE, test samples, the transport of blood and vaccines to birth controls and even snake bite serum.

Zipline, the renowned American company, has completed close to 46,000 commercial deliveries and counting, many of them life-saving, as drones enable people to access instant medical care resulting in decreased mortality rates. And increasing numbers of government initiatives globally, influenced by the success of medical drone deliveries during the pandemic, will boost the demand thereby, escalating industry growth.

The German medical drone market, for example, will witness close to a 25 percent growth during the next 5 years, where an expansion of emergency cases in rural parts of the country will escalate this demand.

Prominent industry players presently operational in this specialist market include DHL, DJI, Embention, Flirtey, Matternett, Vayu and Zipline.

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