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China announces launch of Xinjiang “Smart Air City” EHang-based UAM tourist service

The Chinese government’s public procurement portal has announced that Xinjiang Xiyu Jade Bird General Aviation Co., Ltd will create a RMB 21 million (USD3 million) Xinjiang “Smart Air City” management service platform that serves the trinity of smart air tourism, intelligent emergency services, and urban air traffic UAM platform based on the E-Hang EH216-S.

The project leaders will:

“Create a smart air tourism service platform in Xinjiang, combine the rich cultural and tourism resources in Xinjiang, open up a new perspective of tourism overlooking Xinjiang from an ultra-low altitude and new ideas for the development of scientific and cultural tourism, create a hot destination for technological tourism, and a place for online celebrities to check in. Through Innovate scientific and technological means to further provide the influence, popularity and brand value of Xinjiang’s cultural and tourism service industry IP, and become a new business card for technology and cultural tourism in the new era.

“Build an intelligent UAV application system in Xinjiang, and conduct efficient inspection operations through distributed deployment of UAVs, providing services for urban construction, water conservancy, transportation, fire protection, environmental protection, public security, emergency response, safety supervision, forestry and other departments Normalized aerial surveillance services, providing digital smart city management capabilities.

“Build a future-oriented urban air traffic system, make Xinjiang a world-leading three-dimensional traffic area, solve ground congestion, reduce land consumption, and realize the effective use of air production factors through digital management and unmanned driving capabilities, and accelerate the early entry of Xinjiang The era of carbon neutrality. .

“Combining the above procurement needs, product performance requirements and the “Special Conditions for EHang EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System” officially issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, 10 EH216-S manned-level automatic pilot aircraft were purchased. Budgeted amount of goods or services to be procured: 21.6000000 million yuan (RMB)”

Original source: https://twitter.com/PhilipFemo

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