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Nagano City, Japan, to host eVTOL flights at urban AAM event on January 24

A consortium of Japanese research organisations, local authorities and industries has announced it will conduct eVTOL flight displays and demonstrate vertiport operations at an advanced air mobility (AAM) exhibition on January 24, 2023.

The consortium comprises the East Japan Railway Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd,, JR East Japan Planning Co., Ltd, MS&AD Interrisk Research Institute, Institute for International Economics, Inc., FPV Robotics Co., Ltd, Nagano prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture.

According to a consortium press release (translated by google translate):

“With the aim of providing new experiences and value related to tourism, we conducted demonstration experiments using helicopters to verify the possibility of using “flying cars” within Nagano Prefecture. This time, we will be exhibiting the first flying car in Nagano Prefecture at the Nagano City Olympic Memorial Arena (M-Wave) in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, as well as exhibiting an actual flying car that has been involved in numerous urban development projects.

“We have decided to hold a symposium to think together about the future of the city as transportation nodes change. In addition to exhibiting the first “Flying Car” in Nagano Prefecture, there will also be a VR experience exhibition of “Future Station Where Flying Cars Will Land”, as well as the results of demonstration experiments using helicopters conducted in Nagano Prefecture and past achievements. We will report on the details of the study and hold related lectures and workshops by inviting Mr. Tsukasa Nishida, the representative of the architectural design firm “On Design”, which has worked on many urban development projects.”

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(Image: Nagano City – Shutterstock)

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