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Urban-Air Port announces partnership to accelerate AAM/UAM integration and adoption in Skellefteå, Sweden

Urban-Air Port has announced a partnership with Skellefteå Airport, Skellefteå Municipality and Skanska initiating a collaboration linked to drone logistics. The company says the goal is to integrate infrastructure for drone deliveries in the large logistics site Hammarängen, which is under development in Skellefteå.

The company’s press release states that “Skellefteå is experiencing fantastic growth. Its population of 75 000 is expected to grow to over 100 000 by 2040, demanding new jobs and many new homes. In order to be able to offer deliveries with drones, infrastructure on the ground in the form of a droneport is required. As the logistics site at Hammarängen is under development, it is possible to integrate drone deliveries into planning from the beginning and thereby create a multimodal hub where all forms of transport are coordinated. This will hopefully bring environmental, societal and economical benefits.

“The collaborating parties will carry out a feasibility study to “map e.g. design, needs, permit processes and costs associated with a droneport”.

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(Image: Urban-Air Port)

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