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UK Urban Air Mobility consortium publishes UAM guide for communities

The UK Urban Air Mobility consortium has published “Let’s Fly Across the City”, a guide to urban air mobility for comnmunities.

According to the consortium:

“Community acceptance will be essential to the successful launch and growth of electric urban air mobility (UAM). Understandably, there will be many questions about UAM. What will electric vertical aircraft look like? What will they sound like? Where will they land? Will they be safe?  Communities will need to be informed about this new mode of transportation before they will feel comfortable letting these technologies operate. Just as important is the need for communities to also understand the social and economic benefits that UAM can bring.

“That’s why we want to make sure communities can access easy-to-understand resources about UAM. To this end, we’ve created a short and engaging series of publications titled “Let’s Fly Across the City.” Each edition answers some frequently asked questions for communities to better understand what UAM is, how it will work, and what it could mean for their cities.”

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